D7 Safety Studies & Minor Design

Florida Department of Transportation District 7 | Tampa, FL

Benesch has served as a prime safety consultant to FDOT District 7 since 2007. Over time, the role has grown from developing a Crash Data Management System (CDMS), to conducting a vast array of safety studies, to truly serving as a partner in developing one of the most innovative safety programs in the state.

The Benesch team supports all aspects, providing data-driven engineering analysis to identify safety solutions while facilitating close coordination with local partner agencies.

The project implemented procedures for spot and systemic screening for specific locations or systemic application of countermeasures. A web-based Crash Data Management System was developed to efficiently undertake analysis and project identification. Additionally, Benesch has supported the development of public engagement and education campaigns targeting driver, passenger and pedestrian safety.

Benesch has partnered with FDOT’s safety program for 10+ years in advancing FHWA’s vision of “Toward Zero Deaths.”


Practice Areas