City of Branson

Route 248/US 65 Diverging Diamond Interchange

Branson, MO

Benesch completed a conceptual study and design to reconfigure an interchange to accommodate the increasing amount of traffic. Route 248 was a three-lane bridge over US 65, and the bridge could not be widened more than one girder without resulting in significant structural issues and costs. Due to these constraints and identified traffic patterns, the determined design solution used a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI).

The existing interchange configuration was a traditional diamond. Existing ramps were left in place and widened to accommodate the new design. The MoDOT system required sidewalks, which limited the bridge to three thru-lanes of traffic. The sidewalks and accompanying barrier were provided in the median across the bridge. This DDI was one of the first designed in the State of Missouri.

Project highlights

  • Interchange reconfiguration to accommodate increased traffic volumes
  • One of the first diverging diamond interchanges in Missouri