Area Transit Consolidation Study

Concord Kannapolis Area Transit | Concord-Cabarrus County, NC

This study provided recommendations regarding the consolidation and reorganization of the Cabarrus County Transportation Services (CCTS) and Rider Transit (operating as CK Rider) into a single public transit system. The study was a task within our on-call contract.

The study evaluated three governance models: county-operated, city-operated, and authority-operated transit systems. To do this evaluation, the Benesch team examined the detailed operations of both systems, including operating plans (current and historical), financial history and budgets, salaries and benefits, infrastructure and vehicles, and funding sources. It also included in-depth interviews with approximately 30 staff members between the two agencies.

Complicating factors included the difference in protections for unionization between Federal and North Carolina law, the presence of a union and different operating procedures and cultures.

Following direction from the decision makers, an implementation plan was developed. Benesch led all aspects of the effort, including the staff and stakeholder engagement process, the SWOT analysis and the final implementation plan.

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