Smyrna Connects Transit Analysis & Feasibility

City of Smyrna | Smyrna, GA
Public Involvement

Benesch worked closely with the City of Smyrna to develop a comprehensive, consensus-driven transit vision for the city and adjacent areas. Funded by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and the City of Smyrna, the study and resulting vision were developed in collaboration with agency and jurisdiction partners throughout the region.

With its location, diversity, and strong community support for transit, Smyrna was well-positioned to collaborate with Cobb County, the ATL, and partners throughout the region and pursue the incremental implementation of the Smyrna Connects transit vision.

Benesch transit staff led a team that reviewed existing and planned transit services in the city and adjacent areas, as well as pertinent socioeconomic and demographic characteristics and existing and future travel patterns between Smyrna and the Metro Atlanta region to support analysis of transit needs and mobility gaps.

An extensive engagement process was used to connect with residents, visitors and community leaders to help further ascertain transit needs and receive feedback on draft improvement concepts.

A detailed transit market assessment process identified transit opportunities for connections within Smyrna and regionally. These analyses led to the development of short-, mid-, and long-term transit strategies (and related cost estimates) that would respond to existing and future transit demand and mobility needs.

Finally, we developed a Plan of Action for City staff to help communicate its transit priorities, coordinate with regional partners and potentially influence the transit element of the Cobb County Comprehensive Transportation Plan.

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