Will Rogers World Airport Aircraft Parking Ramp

Atlantic Aviation | Oklahoma City, OK

Atlantic Aviation hired the Tectonic/Benesch team to complete a fast-tracked parking ramp expansion project. The project needed to be fast-tracked to meet Atlantic Aviation’s military refueling contract obligation to provide ramp pavements for the KC-135s that operate out of the Oklahoma City (OKC) airport. Benesch mobilized its own Lincoln, NE-based survey and geotech crews and completed the field design topo survey and subsurface geotech investigation.

Following the survey/geotech work, the design was then fast-tracked by Benesch and coordinated through the City of Oklahoma City Department of Airports. The Department of Airports liked Benesch’s approach and stated that they would even utilize some of Benesch’s safety concepts in their own AIP projects at OKC. Benesch worked closely with Atlantic Aviation and the OKC airport to create a phasing plan that would accommodate Atlantic Aviation’s daily business needs, yet comply with current Federal Aviation Administration safety standards.

Throughout the project, Benesch had to closely monitor the Contractor and the quality of the pavement materials due to constructing the pavements in late fall and winter.

The approximately 12,000 square yard ramp expansion included installation of airport safety measures, earthwork, construction of a cement-treated subgrade soil following the earthwork excavation, construction of a new P-219 aggregate base course, and construction of a new 15-inch thick P-501 concrete pavement, erosion control measures, and permanent marking. The project site had the presence of highly expansive clay soils, so Benesch utilized the cement-treated subgrade to help mitigate the expansive soils present in the ramp expansion areas.

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