Atlantic Aviation

Orlando Executive Airport Ramp Rehabilitation

Orlando, FL

Atlantic Aviation undertook a $8.5 million pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction project at the Orlando Executive Airport (ORL). The project was accomplished to upgrade failing pavements both within the leasehold and on the surrounding airport property.

Benesch prepared the construction plans for a 1.27 million square foot apron rehabilitation and reconstruction project at the FBO. During the design phase, several construction value engineering solutions were coordinated with the client, which included limiting the areas of full depth pavement removal, milling the surfaces at various thicknesses, reutilizing base material, application of rejuvenator and reducing the amount of pavement used for aircraft operational areas. One example was the utilization of pavement rejuvenation for the area outside of the required taxilane width alongside the east side of the apron pavement, reducing the construction cost by an estimated $350,000 dollars.

A geotechnical investigation revealed varying pavement thicknesses throughout the project site. Benesch was therefore able to utilize excess aggregate base in the underlying areas to reduce the asphalt thickness needed and minimize material required to be hauled off site.

Benesch was responsible for daily construction observation and completing the material testing quality acceptance. The construction oversight included full-time observation for the five-month long project construction duration, as well as completing construction administration associated with the project.

Project highlights

  • 1.27-million-square-foot apron rehabilitation
  • Limited areas for full depth pavement removal and milling surfaces at various thicknesses
  • Reutilized base material
  • Utilized pavement rejuvenation outside the required taxilane width ($350K in savings)
  • Reused excess aggregate base to reduce required asphalt thickness and minimize materials to be hauled off site