Lincoln Airport Airfield Lights & Guidance Signs

Lincoln Airport | Lincoln, NE

The Lincoln Airport’s airfield lighting and signage upgrades consisted of the installation of over 800 elevated LED taxiway edge lights and over 135 LED guidance signs across the entire airfield. In addition to the new lights and signs, the project upgraded the electrical circuit and homerun cable in existing duct systems, added LED runway guard lights and replaced 10 existing constant current regulators.

As part of the project design, Benesch developed a phasing plan with 13 different phases and/or work areas. The plan complied with Federal Aviation Administration and Lincoln Airport safety requirements and allowed aircraft to utilize various areas of the airport with active edge lighting systems during construction.

Temporary wiring and circuit combining were implemented to facilitate the project phasing. In order to combine circuits, Benesch verified that the existing regulators had the capacity to handle the circuit loads of the lights that were active during each phase of the project.

Several options for new airfield guidance sign foundations were also considered in order to address issues related to sign foundations tilting due to settlement or heavy mower traffic.