Village of Oswego

Wolfs Crossing Road

Morton, IL

Located in one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, the Village of Oswego sought to improve the safety, multi-modal connectivity and mobility of this high potential development corridor by developing a long-range plan to widen Wolfs Crossing Road to five lanes. Spanning four miles, a key element of the project was to identify the preferred alternative to expand this corridor in a phased approach to address corridor growth as it occurs.

Benesch performed a study that identified the best alternatives and presented numerous staged improvement alternatives for the corridor’s nine intersections that included four roundabouts and five signalized intersections. Additional improvement elements included a sidewalk, bicycle path, landscaped median island and street lighting. Ultimately, Benesch recommended a gentle, sweeping alignment with 11-foot lanes and landscaping median to create a residential corridor.

Because the project area involved extensive drainage challenges and a 3,700-acre watershed that drained into the corridor, more than six detention ponds were proposed. Benesch also led multiple grant applications to help the Village secure funding to make their corridor improvements a reality.

Project highlights

  • Traffic and transportation analyses
  • Bicycle and pedestrian studies
  • Roadway and intersection evaluation
  • Grant funding assistance