Arapahoe Road

City of Centennial | Centennial, CO
photo of contstruction on Arapahoe Road, showing staged construction with traffic coming through the construction site

This was a multi-agency funded road widening project on Arapahoe Road, a major east/west arterial serving the City of Centennial, the City of Aurora, and Arapahoe County. To increase capacity and ease traffic delays, the two-lane roadway was widened to a four-lane section while allowing for an ultimate six-lane build-out in the future. The roadway widening included a triple 10-foot by 12-foot box culvert constructed at Antelope Creek as part of the Piney Creek Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority drainage plan and a 24-inch water main with Arapahoe Waste Water Management partnership.

The Benesch team provided construction management and full-time observation, in-depth schedule review, materials testing (Geocal), and quality assurance surveying. Because the project directly impacted many residents and businesses, Benesch also worked with the City’s and Contractor’s public involvement groups to coordinate construction activities with locals and provide regular public updates throughout the project.

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