Community Vision Plan

City of Lakewood | Lakewood, WA
Photo of a community event in Lakewood, Washington

Benesch was selected to prepare a community vision plan for the City of Lakewood, Washington. This study included a comprehensive public involvement process, a scenario planning effort and preparation of an implementation plan to support the community’s vision.

Lakewood sought to develop a new community vision that was reflective of its future. The community planning process had to be unique to the community, so the vision was developed without a “one size fits all” approach.

Benesch conducted a citywide scenario planning exercise to understand the community’s desire for future growth and development. This included an extensive public outreach plan that included a vision webpage, an online community survey and grassroots community meetings, including neighborhood associations and youth/ cultural organizations.

Benesch created a community vision that recognized different socio-economic groups and identified strategies to close this gap. This action plan identified 68 initial strategies and activities in support of community values.

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