Quincy Avenue & Gun Club Road

Arapahoe County | Aurora, CO

The previous configuration at Quincy Avenue & Gun Club Road was unable to handle the level of traffic, causing extensive wait times. In order to resolve this issue, Arapahoe County enlisted Benesch to perform construction management, inspection and public involvement services, which included full-time inspection, materials testing, schedule review, quality control for surveying and constructability review plans prior to advertisement.

The new intersection layout is a Partial Continuous Flow Intersection, helping traffic movement to the adjacent E-470 ramps. There is only one other intersection of this type in the state of Colorado. As such, an extensive public involvement campaign was necessary to better inform the public on how to navigate this type of intersection. Public involvement for this project included creating project fact sheets and website content, a monthly progress update report and assisting with designing a public involvement campaign before the intersection opening.

To reduce impacts on the traveling public, Benesch’s project team developed a plan to construct the intersection of SH 30 and Gun Club Road in an accelerated manner. Our staff ran a cost analysis and determined that for a relatively small cost, we could build up the intersection in asphalt and run traffic continuously without closing the road or creating long, confusing detours. The project’s added cost was minor compared to the impacts created by a closure and significant detour.

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