Travis Kluegel Earns Bentley Premier Scholar Accreditation

People | June 29, 2023


A photo of Travis Kluegel smiling

CHICAGO, ILThrough the completion of Bentley’s accreditation program, Benesch Civil Group Manager Travis Kluegel has been named a Premier Scholar by the organization. The exclusive program recognizes the most exceptional technical industry professionals that are pushing the boundaries of the OpenRoads Designer technology.

“For the past few years, I’ve had the goal of completing this program. It’s really an honor to join the relatively small group of accredited professionals,” said Kluegel. “It is a great community to be a part of and I know our combined knowledge will benefit the industry as the technology continues to advance.”

The program offers both formalized training on the various components of the software and provides participants exclusive access to Bentley’s development team.

“OpenRoads Designer is a nuanced, intricate, and powerful program that offers multiple paths to solving design problems. Gaining access to the experience and differing perspectives of the developers and users helps us all find solutions that will enable us to better serve our clients and communities,” said Kluegel.

Kluegel is the second Benesch employee to achieve accreditation, with Major Projects Lead Ryan Thady having completed the program in 2021.