Hawley Street Reconstruction

Lake County Division of Transportation | Mundelein, IL
photo of construction on Hawley street, showing a large piece of construction equipment in the street with traffic cones

Encompassing 55 residential driveways, multiple lighted intersections, two schools, a church and several businesses, reconstructing this portion of W. Hawley Street has transformed the existing two-lane roadway into a three-lane roadway through a majority of the project corridor.

Benesch provided construction management for the project, which included the following elements: three new signals; signal interconnection; lighting; replacement of Village-owned water and sanitary sewer mains and services; new or replaced shared use pathway and sidewalk; and other drainage improvements. Pre-stage work consisted primarily of watermain, sewer and other utility updates in preparation for roadway reconstruction during Stages 1 and 2 of the project.

Stage 1 included reconstruction of the south side of W. Hawley Street, including parking lot construction at an adjacent public school. During this stage, traffic was maintained in a westbound direction only. The adjoining Hawley Court was also reconstructed during Phase I, which included the installation of new utilities, sewer and sanitary sewer. Stage 2 included reconstruction of the north side of W. Hawley Street, with traffic restored in each direction through to project completion.

Because the project corridor includes residential properties, business driveways and schools, maintaining access and safety was extremely important. Benesch proposed the construction of temporary pedestrian access points at each intersection to ensure safer crossings for all impacted stakeholders. Benesch also conducted door-to-door public outreach efforts to make sure all impacted stakeholders were notified of the project’s start date, and how each stage of the project would affect access to their properties and their ability to travel the corridor.

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