Lake Shore Drive S-Curve Relocation

Chicago Department of Transportation | Chicago, IL
City of Chicago

As part of its long-range transportation program, and in conjunction with the Illinois Center Development, the City of Chicago proposed to relocate a mile-long segment of Lake Shore Drive, an eight-lane urban arterial. In its previous configuration, Lake Shore Drive had two 90-degree turns, severely restricting traffic flow and creating a serious safety hazard.

Benesch completed the alignment study for Lake Shore Drive, interchange design studies at Randolph Street and Wacker Drive, and the preparation of the preliminary plans and final contract documents. Benesch also executed construction surveys for harbor cross-sectioning, utility coordination and movement of existing sewer lines, other underground utilities, and the layout of precise control base lines for the location of caissons, piers and dockwalls.

The entire $38,000,000 relocation was completed on structure and landfill.

Lake Shore Drive has two levels between Randolph Street and Wacker Drive. These tie into the intermediate and lower levels of the three-level street system serving the Illinois Center Development. Additional project elements included revisions to the Monroe Street Harbor, 2,000 feet of new dockwall, a turning basin for ships entering the Chicago River, a lakefront park, storm sewers, and a flood control drop structure connecting the storm sewer to the Deep Tunnel reservoir.

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