Salt Lake City International Airport Ramp

Atlantic Aviation | Salt Lake City, UT

This fast-track ramp design and construction project was completed in just over four months.

Benesch’s survey and geotech crews mobilized the week after the initial kick-off meeting to complete field design topo survey and subsurface geotech investigation. Two weeks later, the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) received the team’s fast-tracked design. SLC approved the plans/specifications and detailed CSPP document the following week and the contractor’s bidding unit prices were finalized soon after.

Reconstructing the 26,000-square-yard ramp required old asphalt pavement removal, existing granular base removal/salvaging, earthwork (to adjust ramp grades for drainage), storm sewer improvements, subdrain installation, new 7-inch to 11-inch granular bases (with reutilized existing base and new imported base), new 7-inch to 8-inch thick P-401 asphalt ramp pavement, and temporary/permanent markings.

Construction was completed in less than two months. Throughout the project, Benesch monitored the contractor’s activities and the quality of the pavement materials due to constructing the pavements in late fall and winter.

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