The Haven Waterfront Development

Gordon Group Holdings | West Haven, CT

Benesch worked with the Gordon Group on this up-scale shopping center that includes 65 stores and six restaurants. The first phase of the project consisted of 215,000 square feet of retail located on Long Island Sound, just south of New Haven. Existing waterfront industrial and commercial property was redeveloped as part of the project.

The first phase was divided into two packages to accelerate the construction schedule. The advanced package included site demolition and foundations (piles) with site design and building design. The project also implemented surface parking, as well as parking below the building. The building had to be elevated due to the floodplain, making additional garage parking feasible. Improvements to Elm Street (Route 122) to support the development, including two intersections, were also completed.

Benesch was responsible for survey, traffic, site design, structural engineering and permitting. We coordinated with local and state agencies to obtain approvals for the site plan, floodplain/coastal management, traffic and construction. Benesch also coordinated with sub-contractors for environmental and geotechnical services.