Town of Apex

ADA Transition Plan

Apex, NC

Benesch led a comprehensive ADA Transition Plan for the Town of Apex, North Carolina. The assessment included 16 facilities, 10 parks, 183 miles of sidewalk, 8 miles of greenways, curb ramps, crosswalks, intersections, a website review and a policy and procedures review. In Addition, Benesch provided ADA training for Town staff, public surveys and significant citizen involvement efforts geared toward creating a holistic ADA Transition Plan.

Data was collected using a custom data collection app and exported to a secure database, then evaluated to formulate ADA violations and recommendations consistent with the 2010 ADA standards. Based on industry standards, cost estimates were developed and used to prioritize the violations. All information was used to create a report for each accessibility violation, which was used to assist the Town in achieving full compliance. A detailed field survey at each facility was performed and individual facility assessment reports were created.

Preliminary cost estimates to mitigate the barriers to accessibility and a prioritization scheme were created. All information was compiled to create a comprehensive summary for the assessed facilities, individual assessment reports and images to increase an understanding of 2010 ADA standards.

Project highlights

  • Developed individual reports for each facility to provide staff with easy-to-implement ADA Transition Plan
  • Made recommendations for barrier mitigation, cost estimates and remediation ranking
  • Exercised understanding of violations and barrier remediation required to create fully ADA accessible facilities