Atlantic Aviation

Ramp Rehabilitation

Burbank, CA

In 2020, Atlantic Aviation undertook a $3.1 million pavement rehabilitation project at the Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR). The project would upgrade deteriorated pavements within their leasehold.

The horizontal improvements included milling 10.5 acres of asphalt pavement on three phased ramp areas across the airfield with placement of roughly 6,600 linear feet of pavement markings. Additional markings were accomplished to facilitate service roads to improve safety and visibility in the areas surrounding the project. Approximately 3,000 square yards of the parking lot adjacent the FBO building was also milled and paved, increasing the parking footprint for customers and improving the entry to the building.

Benesch was responsible for daily construction observation and completing the material testing quality acceptance. The construction oversight included full-time observation for the three-month project construction duration, as well as construction administration associated with the project.

Project highlights

  • 500,000 SF Pavement Rehabilitation
  • Material testing QA following FAA specifications