Reedy Creek Greenway

Mecklenburg County | Mecklenburg County, NC
pedestrian bridge over a creek

Reedy Creek Greenway is a +/- 2.74-mile multi-use path around a portion of the Reedy Creek Park perimeter, a 927-acre Nature Preserve in Northeastern Mecklenburg County. Benesch assisted Mecklenburg County with plans for a proposed greenway that will connect to the Preserve’s 10-mile trail network and other destinations, including the Historic Rockhouse Ruins, the Dr. James F. Matthews Center for Biodiversity Studies and a variety of recreation facilities.

In addition, Benesch will assist Mecklenburg County with public engagement sessions in the future, including preparing meeting exhibits, assisting with the presentation logistics and taking notes. Coordination with various agencies such as the Charlotte Department of Transportation, various Mecklenburg County regulatory agencies, the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality is anticipated.

The Nature Preserve protects a natural heritage site and is home to a variety of unique plant and animal communities. Benesch worked closely with the Natural Resource and Park and Recreation Department staff to route the greenway using GPS equipment in order to reduce impact to the area. Multiple routes were field staked and vetted to ensure a greenway could be developed while minimizing disturbance to the Nature Preserve.

Benesch is currently working closely with Mecklenburg County Asset and Facility Management to coordinate the proposed greenway and trail access with a new Charlotte Water line along the Plaza Road Extension. The goal of this task is for the greenway and waterline to share a common development corridor, further reducing impacts to the Nature Preserve.