City of Hickory

Sandy Pines Park

Hickory, NC

In 1985, the City of Hickory purchased a 12.45-acre site for the development of a neighborhood park. In the decades since, the City has considered developing a plan for the park several times. A lack of public demand, as well as focus on other priorities, has left the site unplanned. Recognizing the growing need for public parks and open space, the City sought to develop a master plan with the intent to develop a vision for the park and establish a budget for improvement, while understanding that park construction is not anticipated for at least five years.

Benesch developed the master plan, budget estimates and conducted two community workshops for the purposes of gathering input on recreation needs and proposed facilities. Priorities discovered during the public involvement process included providing “walk-to” amenities for the many residents living within a half-mile radius of the park while focusing on low impact recreational activities. These recreational activities include paved trails, natural playground, fitness stations, picnic shelters, restrooms, half-court basketball, cornhole and soft-surface parking.

Project highlights

  • Site constraints create focus on low impact recreational activities
  • Two entry points into the adjacent neighborhoods
  • Natural boundaries include Snow Creek, floodplain, and heavy tree canopy