Appalachian State University Boiler Plant

Appalachian State University | Boone, NC

Through creative planning and procurement, campus planners were able to expand the boiler plant replacement project to include a new campus entrance and student green space.

By relocating the varsity baseball field, portions of their tennis courts and a staff parking area, the design team was able to remove a quarter of a mile of failing culvert and restore a mountain stream.

Since the project involved the relocation of an active stream, the design and construction phasing was critical. Numerous sections of temporary pipe were utilized to accomplish this. The permanent culvert was a double 8-foot x 8-foot pre-cast box culvert, faced with stone to blend in with the surroundings.

The restored stream now serves as a campus entrance and magnet for student activity. Benesch worked with the University to create a memorable campus space which will serve as a community landmark for generations.

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  • 2001, Honor Award, American Society of Landscape Architects - North Carolina